BuffLite | EPP
Expanded Polypropylene

BuffLite is a lightweight material made by creating foam out of polypropylene. One of its strongest virtues is that it is environmentally friendly. It also possesses excellent flexibility and chemical resistance, and is often used in bumpers and tool cases. It is increasingly being used as an alternative for Expandable Polystyrene. Hanwha Advanced Materials entered the EPP market in 1990, manufacturing products in the United States, Europe, China and Korea. The foam has significant stiffness and is suitable for creating lightweight products. It is also perfect for digital device packages that require antistatic agents.

  • No. 3 In Global Market Share
  • Features Large variety of types and densities
    Excellent for repeated use
    Superior chemical and weathering resistance
    Outstanding thermo-stability
    Stiffness and durability
    Superior dimensional precision
    Excellent heat insulation and buoyancy
    Easy recycling and thermal disposal
    Superior Buffering Properties
    Light Weight
  • Overview BuffLite has excellent impact resilience, flexibility, and a high resistance to chemical solvents. It is used primarily for automotive parts and packaging, and is prized for its low environmental impact.


  • Bumper Energy Absorber
  • Toolcase
  • Carpet Pad
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