StrongLite | GMT
Glass fiber Mat reinforced Thermoplastics

Mass production of StrongLite began in 1995, and it has become highly regarded for its advanced technological properties and quality. Since 2009, StrongLite has held 70% of the global market share for GMTs. It comprises sheet form lightweight composites, and is produced using a polypropylene matrix reinforced by glass fiber mat. It binds exceptionally well and is comparable in strength to steel, but with 20-25% less mass. Our GMTs accommodate complex design features while providing significant impact resistance. They are easy to assemble and reprocess, and are prized for their strength and lightweight nature, making them the perfect structural component to replace steel and reduce mass. Common end products include: undercovers protecting the bottom of the automobile, tough plastic bumpers, and seat back frames. GMT undercovers are also effective in reducing road noise.

  • No.1 In Global Market Share
  • Features Available Fiber Types
    Chopped Fiber Composite
    Glass contents from 22 - 50%
    Excellent glass distribution in complex parts.
    Bosses, ribs, tabs, etc.
    Easy to mold thin-wall parts - 2 to 3 mm.
    Can be thermoformed or compression molded.
    Random Fiber Composite
    Glass contents from 30 - 40%
    Combines stiffness with impact.
    Outstanding toughness.
    Good chemical resistance.
    Unidirectional Fiber Composite
    Available in 42% glass content.
    Random/unidirectional fibers combine to double flexural modulus.
    Includes random mat for uniform part filling.
    Designed to mold in strength and stiffness.
  • Testing Capabilities Engineering Capability Tier 1 & 2 Supplier GMDAT, Hyundai, KIA, Ssangyong, Volkswagen (Shanghai), GM (Shanghai), GM (Mexico) 70 Engineers in Design & Development Complete Vehicle Testing & Validation CAD/CAE System, Structure & Flow Analysis Full Service Supplier-Responsible Design, Validation, and Production Capabilities Testing Capability Analysis, Properties Measuring & Processing Equipment 300 Ton Pilot Press Bumper Impact Tester - Pendulum, Barrier, Pole, Front R-CAR Pedestrian Impact Tester Seat Belt Anchorage Tester KATRI (Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute


  • Rear Bumper Beam
  • FEM Carrier
  • Seatback Frame
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