SuperLite | LWRT
Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastics

SuperLite is a composite sheet material thermoformed at low pressure. It also leads its market segment with cutting-edge quality. LWRT has outstanding strength relative to its mass, and also possesses noise absorbing and trimming qualities that allow it to be widely applied in various products. It can also be used for headliners, sun visors, and underbodies for convertibles and RVs, and is a common underbody component for sedans and SUVs, adding both protection and exterior design finesse while also utilizing smoother aerodynamics to enhance fuel efficiency.

  • No.1 In Global Market Share
  • Products Headliner
  • Testing Capabilities Engineering Capability Tier 1 & 2 Supplier GMDAT, Hyundai, KIA, Ssangyong, Volkswagen (Shanghai), GM (Shanghai), GM (Mexico) 70 Engineers in Design & Development Complete Vehicle Testing & Validation CAD/CAE System, Structure & Flow Analysis Full Service Supplier-Responsible Design, Validation, and Production Capabilities Testing Capability Analysis, Properties Measuring & Processing Equipment 300 Ton Pilot Press Bumper Impact Tester - Pendulum, Barrier, Pole, Front R-CAR Pedestrian Impact Tester Seat Belt Anchorage Tester KATRI (Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute

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